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Colchester Asbestos Services is an accredited and experienced asbestos disposal and removal company. Based in Colchester, we operate across Suffolk, Essex, London and many more locations. We provide asbestos removals and disposals in Kent, eliminating the dangerous substance from properties as quickly as possible.

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Here at Colchester Asbestos Services, we operate the East and South East of England, regularly working in Kent to meet our clients’ needs and safely dispose of as much asbestos as possible. Whether you’re based on the outskirts of London in Dartford or on the coast around Dover Kent, we will travel across Kent to you to remove and dispose of asbestos and guarantee that the dangerous substance is gone.

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    What is asbestos?

    Asbestos is the name given to a group of six substances which are extremely dangerous when inhaled. They take the form of tiny microfibres, and once inhaled will lodge themselves in your lungs where they will go on to cause serious internal scarring which can lead to a number of life-threatening diseases. While the effects of asbestos can be fatal, they take a long time to reveal themselves. Many people live for decades before realising that they are beginning to suffer the effects of asbestos-inhalation, which will be irreversible by this point.

    The dangers of asbestos explain why it’s essential for it to only be approached and handled by a trained professional. Anyone who isn’t qualified should not approach asbestos under any circumstances. Even if you think there might be a slim chance of asbestos being present, the professional advice is to consult a professional immediately.

    What we can do for you

    If you’re based in Kent and you think you have asbestos, then you should waste no time contacting a qualified professional. We understand the importance of acting quickly and with over twenty years of industry experience we know exactly what to do to remove asbestos from your premises as soon as possible:

    • Provide a survey to confirm if you have asbestos and how much is present
    • Provide a quote to remove the asbestos – we will price match any other quotes you receive
    • Remove your asbestos as quickly as possible, then dispose of it in a safe and secure manner

    Where may asbestos be hiding?

    Where may asbestos be hiding?

    Before the true, harmful nature of asbestos was revealed, it was used frequently in the construction, telecommunications and electrical industries. Because of its extremely resistant qualities, it was seen as a highly useful substance. It was sprayed generously over walls, ceilings and insulation in order to provide protection from heat, chemicals and electricity.

    This means that many homes built before asbestos was banned in the UK may still have asbestos present somewhere within their walls. You can never know for certain because you wouldn’t be able to see it with the naked eye. In some situations, asbestos can appear to be packaged up, perhaps in the loft or cellar. Even in these scenarios, you shouldn’t assume that it’s safe. There may be a tiny rip in the packaging which has disturbed the contents just enough to allow the asbestos fibres to become airborne. Our previous work in Kent asbestos removals has included removing garage roofs, water tanks and asbestos tiles. We also work in residential as well as commercial properties.

    To summarise, asbestos may be hiding anywhere in homes built before the year 2000. The only way to know for sure is to have a professional come to survey your property so that they can remove and dispose of asbestos if they do find it.

    Our Services

    We provide a professional asbestos removal service across Kent, taking control of every step of the process so that the job is done in one go by the same asbestos removal company.



    Surveys are performed when a property or materials on the property are suspected of containing asbestos. It’s important to have a survey first so the next steps are clearly outlined and we know exactly what course of action to take.



    If you’re certain that your property contains asbestos then having a test is the best way to go about knowing how much there is and the whereabouts of its exact location. After we’ve taken samples, we provide fast turnaround times to make sure the issue is dealt with as quickly as possible. We understand that the thought of asbestos in your property may be distressing which is why we work to such tight deadlines for each and every one of our clients.



    Encapsulation is another potential way to deal with asbestos. In the case that your property does contain asbestos, but it’s wrapped up and sealed tightly, it might be a better and cheaper option to encapsulate it and leave it be.

    Asbestos is only harmful once it becomes airborne, so if we can confirm that the asbestos is encapsulated then there is no need to remove and dispose of it. Of course, this is only if you don’t mind having it there and being cautious around it. We provide our asbestos encapsulation services across Kent and we will travel to you to assess your situation and see if this process is applicable.


    Removal & Disposal

    While encapsulation might sometimes fit the bill, the most common procedure we perform in Kent is the removal and disposal of asbestos. This is the best way to gain peace of mind because you know that a qualified contractor has completely eliminated the threat. Once we have removed the asbestos, we will provide you with documentation to prove the asbestos has been safely removed in accordance with the relevant legislation.