Asbestos encapsulation

Protecting and safeguarding asbestos

Asbestos encapsulation is where asbestos is coated as an alternative to removal. It can’t be done in every case, but if the asbestos in your building is in a good condition either needing few or no repairs, or it just needs to be made watertight, then encapsulation should be an option for you.

A safe and effective alternative

While many of our clients will simply want the asbestos in their building removed, we can carry out asbestos encapsulation as a safe alternative. This service will help to:

  • Protect any damaged asbestos
  • Provide minor repairs to any damaged asbestos
  • Ensure that exposed raw edges are sealed
  • Protect against disturbances that could release asbestos fibres
  • Reduce the risk of general degradation that could lead to fibres being released

While this can last for around 25 years, it does require annual manual checks to ensure that it is inspected for any issues. Encapsulation is safe, but as asbestos can be so dangerous, management of it is still required to reduce any risk to your health.

Safely manage your asbestos

To set up a management plan with encapsulation of your asbestos, get in touch and a member of our specialist team will get back to you.

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