Colchester Plasterboard Collection Service

Plasterboard can’t be disposed of in skips because it poses health risks. We provide a plasterboard collection service in Colchester to take this potentially dangerous substance off your hands.

blackpool pier

Blackpool Pier Asbestos Atrocity

How two individuals risked the lives of hundreds by trying to illegally remove and dispose of asbestos instead of hiring qualified professionals to safely perform the job

DIY couple painting

Home renovation asbestos exposure

This blog explains how home renovations can lead to asbestos exposure and why you should consult a qualified asbestos removal professional to be safe.

Asbestos Removal in Chelmsford

Asbestos Awareness

This blog will explain some commonly asked questions about asbestos and give answers in order to raise awareness about this harmful substance.


Disposing of Asbestos – What You Need To Know

Asbestos is the name given to a harmful group of substances which can be inhaled and cause serious disease. Asbestos should only be dealt with by accredited, experienced professionals. You should never approach asbestos yourself.