Essex Asbestos Removal

Colchester Asbestos Services helps you to deal with any asbestos in your building, whether it is at home or work. We can carry out surveys to identify asbestos, recommend how to deal with it and then also remove it and dispose of it. We are an experienced team, with the appropriate licenses to carry out our work with asbestos. This helps to keep you, your family and employees safe.

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If you’re looking for asbestos removal in Essex, or you think that a building you reside in may need testing or a survey, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the experience and expertise in safely and quickly carrying out all manner of asbestos-related jobs.

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    Quick and competitive quotes

    Asbestos is dangerous so you should never put off dealing with it. Here is what we can do to quickly help:

    • Provide a survey to assess your asbestos problem – this can be done as soon as you need it
    • Provide a quote for removing your asbestos – if you have another quote that is better, we can match it
    • Remove your asbestos safely and quickly and dispose of this

    All of our pricing is competitive and we can provide guide prices should you want to try to get an idea of costs before a quote.

    Choosing the right asbestos removal company

    It’s essential that only qualified and insured contractors deal with the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials. Sadly, we hear too many stories about unqualified individuals and organisations who take it upon themselves to remove asbestos.

    This is highly dangerous as they’re putting themselves and others at risk. Without the correct levels of information, instruction and training, no one should even approach asbestos. Taking an asbestos awareness course does not qualify an individual to remove asbestos, so be sure to check the qualifications of anyone you choose to hire.

    Here at Colchester Asbestos Services, we prefer to be open and honest. Our documentation is available for everyone to see. On top of this, we display our previous projects as proof of the high standards we hold ourselves to. When it comes to asbestos, don’t take risks. If in doubt, speak to a proven and certified professional.

    What is asbestos?

    Asbestos is the term given to a small group of harmful substances which, when released into the atmosphere, can cause a number of long-term and fatal lung diseases. There are a few different types, but they are all incredibly harmful to our health. 

    Once scientists gained a better understanding of asbestos, they quickly realised how harmful the substance is to humans when they are exposed to it. It was at that point, in the year 2000, when a ban was imposed on using asbestos in the UK.

    Where is asbestos found?

    Sadly, it can be found in a whole range of buildings and if you have a property that was built before 2000, then there is a chance it may contain asbestos. Asbestos is more common in certain areas such as stairs, halls, roof spaces and lift shafts. However, it is not exclusive to these areas and it could just as easily be spread throughout a home. Furthermore, if you have a property that is not residential, then it has an even higher chance of containing asbestos. You might find it around pipes, used as insulating boards or in doors.

    As asbestos was seen as a cheap and useful substance with a range of properties such as being great for sound, fire and heat insulation, it was used widely. That is, until the risks were discovered. Now we know the risks of asbestos, it is no longer used and instead is slowly being removed from all properties.

    Handled by professionals

    Asbestos is an incredibly dangerous substance, but one that will take a while to reveal its full effects on you. Should you think you can handle it by yourself and think you feel fine after, you may have actually been exposed but it will take a while for you to become ill as the particles cause scarring over a lover period of time. Conditions you can develop include asbestosis; there are only options to slow the progression of this disease, but nothing can reverse it. Furthermore, you may dislodge particles of asbestos in the process of removing it, which could affect you and others in the property.

    This is why asbestos should always be handled by a professional. Our team will remove the asbestos carefully and will always protect themselves and the environment they work in at the same time.

    Essex asbestos services

    We provide our services across Essex, so whether you are in Colchester, Chelmsford or Grays, simply give us a call and we can help.

    Our services

    Asbestos surveys

    We can carry out asbestos surveys to help you understand whether there may be asbestos in your property. This should be done before any renovation or building work to avoid damaging it or dislodging it, which can be incredibly dangerous.  

    Asbestos testing

    If you suspect that there is asbestos in your property then you should have it tested to confirm that it is there. We will provide a report from the lab to show whether asbestos is found. We can then advise on what you should do next, such as removing the asbestos and how this should be done. 

    Asbestos removal

    We hold licenses with the Health and Safety Executive and work in accordance with their guidelines to remove asbestos. We wear full personal protective equipment and secure the environment in which we are removing the asbestos. Following this, we ensure the asbestos material is packaged in a way to avoid any risk as it is removed from your property. 

    Asbestos disposal

    Asbestos is deemed hazardous waste, so once the asbestos is removed, we can also handle how it is disposed of. It cannot simply be taken to any dump, but it has to be taken to a licensed disposal site.

    Frequently asked questions about Essex asbestos removal

    Many of the questions we get asked are quite general, but below are some specific answers to questions around our asbestos removal work in Essex.

    We work across the whole of Essex. We actually work outside of Essex too, so really if you are within a couple of hours of us, we will travel to you.

    Luckily we are used to working in PPE given we have to handle asbestos so we can work during the lockdown. We can come to your property in our full PPE and do whatever is required. While you want to avoid any interaction during this time, asbestos can be dangerous so if there is a chance you are at risk from it, then it is important this is dealt with. We are also still travelling across the whole of Essex to help people with their asbestos issues.

    No, we don’t charge for quotes for our asbestos work. We will give you a quote and can match another you might get for the same service. So even if you are on the other side of Essex to Colchester, always ask us for help. We really don’t mind travelling especially as we know it can be important to meet us and have a chat.