Suffolk Asbestos Removals

Asbestos removal should always be carried out by professionals and our team has the appropriate licenses to remove asbestos safely. Based in Colchester, just a short drive from Suffolk, we work across the East Anglia region. So whether you are in south Suffolk around Ipswich, or up towards the north of the county in Lowestoft, we will happily travel to you. This can be to simply give a quote or to actually deal with the removal of asbestos in your property.

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Competitive quotes and fast turnaround

If you’re looking for asbestos removal in Suffolk, or you think that a building you reside in may need testing or a survey, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the experience and expertise in safely and quickly carrying out all manner of asbestos-related jobs.

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    We work around your schedule

    We know that you will want to sort out your asbestos issues as soon as possible and we can help. Here is what we can do:

    • Carry out a survey if needed to assess your asbestos problem – this can be done as soon as you need it
    • Provide a quote for removing your asbestos – if you have another quote that is better, we can match it
    • Remove and dispose of your asbestos safely and quickly

    All of our pricing is competitive and we can provide guide prices should you want to try to get an idea of costs before a quote. We also wear full PPE so can continue to work while the lockdown is in place.

    Accredited asbestos contractors

    Here at Colchester Asbestos Services, we’re accredited and insured contractors. This means that we have received the necessary level of training, instruction and information to remove and dispose of certain types of asbestos.

    Unfortunately, there are people out there working with asbestos who don’t have the required licensing. While passing an asbestos awareness course does teach you some essential information, it does not in any way mean you can work with asbestos-containing materials.

    In order to save time, money and to prevent people from unnecessarily being put at risk, make sure you choose a qualified and insured contractor. Check their documentation and make sure it’s in date and issued by a UKATA or ARCA accredited training provider.


    Where is asbestos found?

    There is no limit on where asbestos can be found. Asbestos is the name given to a group of harmful substances that can be used in a variety of different ways. It was often used for insulating around pipes, in ceiling tiles or in walls. Asbestos has a number of properties that made it popular such as being fire retardant, sound resistant and great for containing heat.

    As a result, you can find asbestos more commonly in areas such as stairs, halls, roof spaces or garages and sheds. Yet, they could be found anywhere in a property built before the year 2000, particularly if it is a commercial or non-residential building. This is because asbestos materials are cheap and you don’t necessarily have to worry about how they look if it isn’t someone’s home!

    Handled by professionals

    When asbestos is used in buildings and is secure, it isn’t dangerous. However, if the particles are disturbed and released then these can cause long-term diseases and conditions. Furthermore, you won’t necessarily know if you have been exposed to asbestos because it can take so long for your lung tissue to scar. This may mean you think you have handled it correctly, but you won’t know that you haven’t until it is too late. Furthermore, if you try to remove asbestos incorrectly and you are exposed to it, you may actually expose others in the same property. It simply isn’t worth the risk and you should leave this to a professional.

    Our team will remove the asbestos carefully and will always protect themselves and the environment they work in at the same time.

    Suffolk asbestos services

    Although we are based in Colchester in Essex, we provide our services all across Suffolk. Whether you have no idea if your property contains asbestos or you know there is asbestos that needs to be removed before starting any renovation work, give us a call and we will be able to come to you in full PPE.

    Our services

    Asbestos surveys

    If you suspect you have asbestos in your property, we can undertake a survey to help identify whether this is the case. If you are planning any renovation or building work, you should carry out a full inspection before hard to avoid putting yourself or anyone else in your home or business at risk. 

    Asbestos testing

    Should you need to confirm the presence of asbestos, we can carry out testing to confirm this. We send off samples to a lab to show whether asbestos has been found and will advise on what you need to do or should do next.

    Asbestos removal

    We hold licenses with the Health and Safety Executive and work in accordance with their guidelines to remove asbestos. For all of our work, we wear full personal protective equipment. Furthermore, we secure the environment in which we are removing the asbestos. Once it has been removed, we ensure the asbestos material is packaged in a way to avoid any risk as it is take away from your property. 

    Asbestos disposal

    Asbestos is a hazardous waste, so it has to be carefully handled and disposed of. We will ensure it is disposed of at a licensed disposal site or facility so it will no longer be a risk to anyone.

    Frequently asked questions about asbestos removal in Suffolk

    Here are a few questions you might have about our work. Should a question you have not be listed, simply get in touch and we would be happy to help. We always respond quickly to any enquiry.

    Our work takes us all over Suffolk so there is no town or village in Suffolk we won’t travel to. The areas we cover actually go beyond Suffolk so don’t be nervous to get in touch – we can get out to you to provide our services as quickly as you need us to.

    We don’t charge for our quotes. So if you really need to understand what asbestos services are required and the full costs of these, just ask and we will provide a quote. There is no cost and no obligation to go ahead. If you do find a better quote as well, we will be able to match this.

    We ensure that we work as quickly as we can while being completely safe. We also try to get to our clients at a time that suits them so if you have a particular date in mind when you need our help, call us and we will do what we can to arrange this. When you have asbestos in your property it is important to remove it if there is a risk and we understand this, so will always put safety first.