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Colchester Asbestos Services works all across East Anglia including Essex and Suffolk, covering areas such as Sudbury. We offer a range of asbestos services, from surveys through to asbestos encapsulation or disposal. With relevant licences and a professional approach that puts safety first, we pride ourselves on the help we deliver to our clients.

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If you have asbestos that needs to be removed from your property, Colchester Asbestos Services will ensure that the work is carried out safely and at a competitive price. Not far from Sudbury, we offer an incredibly safe and professional service with competitive prices so contact us today.

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    If you are looking to get your asbestos removed as quickly as possible, here is what we can do:

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    What is asbestos?

    Asbestos is the term given to a small group of harmful substances which, when released into the atmosphere, can cause a number of long-term and fatal lung diseases. In the past, the dangers of asbestos weren’t known so it would have been used frequently and without real caution.

    Once scientists gained a better understanding of asbestos, they quickly realised how harmful the substance is to humans when they are exposed to it. Ever since the year 2000 when this discovery was made, there has been a complete ban on the use of asbestos in the UK.

    Why did people use it?

    Asbestos was a useful substance in construction due to its unique and diverse properties. Asbestos is resistant to fire, electricity and corrosion, making it a highly durable material. It was used generously, not only in insulation but it was also sprayed over ceilings and walls in newly built buildings.

    You can imagine how much asbestos might have been used in just a single building before its harmful nature was discovered. While it appeared to be a useful, multi-purpose tool with a wide range of uses, it was actually a highly dangerous material with the potential to cause great harm.

    Why is it dangerous?

    Asbestos is dangerous because the particles irritate the lungs and cause scarring which can lead to severe lung diseases. Asbestos-related diseases usually take a long time to take effect, but once they do they often turn out to be fatal. This is because the particles remain lodged in the lungs and continue to inflict damage over time

    Health risks

    The health risks posed by asbestos are extensive. Asbestos targets the lungs, and most of the diseases it causes are honed in on this major organ in the body. Asbestos can cause general health problems, but specifically is known to lead directly to the following four serious diseases:


    Mesothelioma is cancer which grows in the linings of the lungs. It can also spread to the lower digestive tract and by the time the disease has revealed itself, it’s usually too late to treat it. This is commonly found in builders or maintenance workers who used to expose themselves to large amounts of asbestos.

    Asbestos-related lung cancer

    This is cancer which is nearly always caused by asbestos. It’s similar to lung-cancers which are commonly caused by smoking, however asbestos-related lung cancer can often take decades before it becomes fatal.


    Asbestosis is a disease which is caused by asbestos particles lodging themselves in the lungs and causing severe scarring over long periods of time. Like many lung-related diseases, it results in difficulty breathing and shortness of breath.

    Pleural thickening

    Asbestos causes this disease by causing the lining of the lungs to swell uncontrollably. This swelling makes it difficult for the lungs to provide enough oxygen for the body to function and eventually leads to the lungs failing completely.

    Who is affected by asbestos?

    Asbestos can affect anyone who is unfortunate enough to be exposed to it. It’s a highly dangerous substance and due to the fact that asbestos pores are invisible when airborne, it’s impossible to see and avoid it.

    Workers who used to frequently be around asbestos are at high risk of contracting asbestos-related diseases. Those who live or spent a lot of time in old buildings might also be at risk. It’s important to get a building tested and surveyed if you have even the slightest feeling that there may be asbestos present.

    Aside from those exposed to asbestos, smokers who have been smoking for long periods of time are at a much higher risk from asbestos-related diseases. People who suffer from asthma or have existing lung conditions may also be at increased risk and should take extra care in situations where asbestos may be present.

    Our services in Sudbury

    We carry out a number of services related to asbestos. If you suspect your building has it, we can carry out surveys and undertake testing to confirm this. Once we provide the results, we will also give our recommendations for what work is done. Although we are based in Colchester, our team also operates in Suffolk and we are just a short drive from Sudbury so can quickly begin work should you need asbestos removed quickly.

    If you do decide to go ahead with removing the dangerous asbestos in your property, we can do this safely and without any risk to you, your family or your employees. We have licences and training to enable us to do this professionally and we will also dispose of the asbestos. This means all you need to do is ask for our help, and we will take care of the rest.

    Should you decide that you want to go ahead with encapsulation of the asbestos, which can be done depending on what state it is in, we can also do this. Again, this will be done safely so you have peace of mind that your asbestos will not cause any harm.

    We regularly travel to Sudbury to carry out work and are happy to provide a free quote with absolutely no obligations attached.