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Removing and disposing of asbestos in Bishop’s Stortford and the surrounding areas

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Colchester Asbestos Services is a leading asbestos removal and disposal company working in Bishop’s Stortford and the surrounding Essex and Hertfordshire area. Our goal is to provide an excellent service for our clients, regardless of where they’re based. To find out more about asbestos, have a read of our FAQs section.

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    What is asbestos?

    Asbestos is the name given to six naturally occurring silicate minerals that are made up of microscopic fibres. If these fibres are inhaled, they can lodge themselves in the lungs and stay there for decades, causing scarring and internal damage to lung tissue.

    What happens if you’re exposed to asbestos?

    Asbestos is a highly dangerous substance. Despite it being banned in 1999, it still kills around twenty tradesmen per week due to past exposure. Exposure to asbestos should be avoided at all costs as it can result in any one of the following life-threatening diseases:


    Long-term scarring of the lungs by asbestos fibre which causes chest tightness, wheezing and breathlessness


    Pleural thickening

    Thickening of the lining of the lungs which causes breathlessness



    Usually linked to asbestos exposure, this type of cancer affects the lining of the lungs

    It’s important to note that we are all exposed to very low levels of asbestos that are naturally occurring in the atmosphere. Asbestos-related diseases usually only develop in those who exposed themselves to high levels of asbestos for extended periods of time in the workplace.

    How we can help you

    Here at Colchester Asbestos Services, we provide a comprehensive asbestos removals service in Bishop’s Stortford. We’ve got long-standing experience of working with this dangerous substance, and we take it as our responsibility to deal with it as safely and quickly as possible.

    By doing this, we completely eliminate the threat and give you peace of mind that the asbestos has been removed and disposed of. If you think there’s even a slight possibility that there’s asbestos on your property, contact us straight away. We’ll help you with one of the following services:


    Asbestos survey & testing

    To find out whether a material contains asbestos, the only way to know for sure is with an asbestos test. Even the most experienced asbestos removal professionals can’t always tell if asbestos is present just from the naked eye. We make sure to get your asbestos tested in our laboratory as quickly as possible so whether the news is good, or bad, you won’t have to wait long to find out.

    Asbestos surveys are carried out when materials which are planned to be renovated or demolished are suspected to contain asbestos. If you think asbestos may be present or if the building in question is old, the professional advice is to assume that it is indeed present and to act accordingly.


    Asbestos removal and disposal

    Over the years, we have provided clients with asbestos removal and disposal services all over Essex. No matter how much asbestos is present or whereabouts in your property it’s located, we will deal with it.

    Asbestos removal is a dangerous task and should only be performed by qualified contractors with the required qualifications. Once the asbestos has been safely removed and packaged, we will then dispose of it safely and securely.

    Asbestos isn’t something that you should just throw in a skip (people have done this before and it’s extremely irresponsible). It needs to be disposed of properly, otherwise, the packaging could leak and it could continue to cause an ongoing health risk to anyone in the area.

    You can rest assured that once we’ve arrived on your property, we will take care of absolutely everything. If we come to remove asbestos sheets from your garage roof, we can even replace your garage roof so the whole job is done in one go.


    Asbestos encapsulation

    Sometimes, the safest thing to do with asbestos is just to leave it alone. In the scenario that asbestos is present but it’s entirely undamaged, it could save time and money to just seal it up and let it be.

    As asbestos is only a threat when it becomes damaged, asbestos encapsulation is a completely safe and viable option. However, we understand that the thought of having asbestos present, even if it can’t cause any harm, might still be unnerving. In this case, we’d be more than happy to remove and dispose of your asbestos.