Asbestos Removal in Ipswich

Colchester Asbestos Services works across East Anglia, regularly carrying out asbestos services in key towns such as Ipswich. We have a professional team with the appropriate expertise and licences to remove asbestos safely and carefully.

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If you’re looking for asbestos removal services in Ipswich or Suffolk, or you need a survey to tell you what you might need, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide quotes or site visits when it comes to any aspect of asbestos.

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    Need your asbestos removed quickly?

    We know you may want to have your asbestos removed quickly to reduce the risk, get on with renovations or ahead of a sale. We can move as quickly as you want us to. We will:

    • Provide a quote for removing your asbestos – if you have another quote that is better, we can match it
    • Remove and dispose of your asbestos safely and quickly

    All of our pricing is competitive and we can provide guide prices should you want to try to get an idea of costs before a quote.

    What is asbestos?

    Asbestos is the name given to a group of harmful minerals that are formed from microscopic fibres. It is these fibres that when released, can be so harmful. Unfortunately, the awareness and evidence around the dangers of asbestos only came after it was widely used as a building material for decades. It was often used for insulation, flooring and roofing.

    The use of asbestos is now banned however any building constructed before the year 2000 risks containing asbestos. While there is little risk of asbestos if it remains untouched and intact, if it is disturbed then it can be incredibly dangerous. This can happen during renovations or if the asbestos begins to deteriorate.

    Asbestos services in Ipswich

    We offer our full range of services in Ipswich, from undertaking surveys through to testing, removal and disposal of asbestos. Whether you are just aware that you may have asbestos in your property or you have the full information over what is required, we have the experience and skills to deal with it.

    Based in Colchester, we travel around the whole region and frequently carry out work in Suffolk and the surrounding area. We can quickly get out to you to provide a free quote with absolutely no obligation or to begin work as quickly as is required. We understand that sometimes there is an urgency needed so will endeavour to work to your schedule.

    Testing and Surveying

    Surveys help to identify whether there is asbestos in your property and are comprehensive given the risks around asbestos. We have undertaken a number of surveys around Ipswich, working for residential and commercial clients. This goes for a range of different types of property, from sheds to homes or industrial units.

    Removal and disposal

    As asbestos is safe unless disturbed, it must be removed by trained professionals. In order to remove asbestos, the person taking it out needs to have licences demonstrating they have sufficient training and experience to do this. Furthermore, it must be disposed of in the correct way. This is where you again have to ensure that you are hiring professionals who understand the process. We can provide all the appropriate paperwork and certification that is required.